Check Your Face Shape to Choose The Right Style

OVAL – The most common face shape is oval. Your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin are in perfectly balanced proportion. And, because the oval shaped face is so proportional, almost any hair style will look good and suit your face shape.

ROUND – Your face is fairly short and broad, with rounded contours. Adding height to the top of the crown will make your face appear slimmer. A round face is flattered by a short, layered cut or wispy diagonal bangs. Try avoiding width and volume at the sides or a heavy fringe which will make your face look more round.

SQUARE – You have a broad forehead and cheekbones plus a wide chin. You want to create the illusion of length to the face by adding height on top and narrowness at the sides. Combing hair off the forehead will add height to your face. This shape needs a hairstyle with softness to lessen the effects of the angles. Try a curly wig that is mid-length to long, or you could try wisps of hair around your face. Avoid one- length hair styles.

DIAMOND – You have a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. With a diamond shaped face you should reduce width at the sides, and have more fullness at the chin. Bob hairstyles work great for this shape. Also try some fringe to cover your narrow forehead. Try to avoid volume at the sides along the cheek line.

HEART – You have a wide forehead, eye and cheekbone area with a pointed chin. To disguise the width, bring some hair onto your forehead. Keep hair close to the head at the eyes and slightly full around the jaw, also below and in front of the earlobes. The most flattering hairstyle for you is a pageboy type as well as subtle layers. Try avoiding short hair and choppy layers.

PEAR – This is the least common shape of face. Your face is widest at the chin and jaw line and most narrow at the hairline and forehead. Full layered looks adding width and volume from the eyes to the crown are ideal for the pear shape. This will deflect attention from the middle of your face. A classic shag hairstyle looks wonderful. Try to avoid jaw length blunt cuts.

OBLONG – Your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are all narrow. The neck is usually long and thin. To create the illusion of an oval face, add width and fullness at the sides with soft curls and waves. Having a fringe will give you the softness that is needed and help shorten the facial appearance. Avoid one length cuts and short layers that add volume to the crown areas.